IDA Revive Styling Gel
Product Code: A160-00
Weight: 160ml
Packed Weight: 212g
Price : HKD 98.00 / USD 12.56

Infuse nutrition while styling daily. Robust plus Chic. With enriched DERMOSACCHARIDES® GY (marine glycogen), promote healthy hair follicles and enhance hair vitality. It possesses mild nature with medium styling effect, easy to clean and suitable for prolong usage.

Faddy Sea Salt Spray
Product Code: A186-00
Weight: 190ml
Packed Weight: 242g
Price : HKD 48.00 / USD 6.15

Used as a base or styling, the Sea Salt Spray can easily create tousled stylish beach look even for the finest hair.

Faddy Waxy Cream
Product Code: A123-00
Weight: 250ml
Packed Weight: 283g
Price : HKD 39.00 / USD 5.00

Infused with bouncy agent to create weightless texture and to enhance hair definition with shiny effect for curl hair. Capable of re-styling when the hair is damp, it is your top choice to get the sexy, tousle look anytime!

Faddy Muss n Hold
Product Code: A185-00
Weight: 150ml
Packed Weight: 190g
Price : HKD 48.00 / USD 6.15

Cool styles for all. Rub on hair roots to increase the amount of lift of hairstyle. Twist hair stands to any direction to create 3D effect. Water-based formula for easy wash-off.

Faddy Wet Look
Product Code: A111-00
Weight: 250ml
Packed Weight: 296g
Price : HKD 33.00 / USD 4.23

Formulated with MAC(Moisturizing Active Complex), Wet Look can effectively repair damaged or fine hair. Especially suitable for afro, tousled, disheveled and layering hairstyles.

Faddy Soft Wave Mousse
Product Code: A115-00
Weight: 160ml
Packed Weight: 220g
Price : HKD 35.00 / USD 4.49

This light mousse excels in the creation of soft, sexy, long-lasting curls that can be re-styled when hair is damp. Creating enviable curls has never been easier.

Faddy Waxy Clay
Product Code: A117-00
Weight: 120ml
Packed Weight: 150g
Price : HKD 39.00 / USD 5.00

Superior re-styling ability, create various dynamic styles. Contain unique emollients & humectants that makes hair silky soft as a bonus. Suitable for curly and medium hairstyles.

Faddy Molding Clay
Product Code: A118-00
Weight: 120ml
Packed Weight: 149g
Price : HKD 39.00 / USD 5.00

Excellent to tame unruly hair. Especially suitable for creating fluffy tousled, punk and spiky hairstyles. Easy-to-wash water-soluble formula.

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